Monday Mind Dump

Whew, what a week holds!  We are enjoying summer around here and have been pretty much exhausted at night.

– We have enjoyed early morning pool runs on Saturdays.  Casey has been taking the kids over during the week after school.  B3 is swimming like a dolphin now, his words not mine.  It is so fun to see him one day not leave his float and then the next start to swim.  The older two boys are trying to master the diving board.  B2 is pretty good as long as he jumps out far enough.  B1 can do the pencil and the belly flop.  B4 just floats around the water like a ballerina.

-Speaking of B4, she is getting in that truthful stage.  The past few weeks she has not been afraid of speaking her mind.  The other morning she told me she really didn’t like the tie I was wearing. “Daddy, I don’t like that tie.  Change it.”  and my favorite.  “Daddy, you have the biggest rear in the house”  Thanks sweetie!

– B4’s birthday is this week and he is counting down the minutes.  I think he is worried we are going to forget it.  I can’t believe he is going to be 5!

– B1 is convinced he wants to race bikes.  We found a kids triathlon that B1 and B2 may compete in.  I told them they had to show me they could finish before we would agree.  If they get tired on the bike they could walk.  If they get tired running they could walk.  If they get tired swimming they will sink.  I don’t want any kids sinking….

– God is really moving in some areas we have been praying for the past few months.  It is exciting and scary at the same time!

– We are on day 2 of memorizing verses.  I’ve been good so far, but it may get embarrassing as we go along with this old mind.

–  I had a discussion with a couple of co-workers today about wedding pictures.  We had a great photographer when we got married.  One co-worker got married last month and is receiving a CD with all his pictures.  The other co-worker was married six years ago and was upset because they didn’t get the CD.  Then there was me, I had the sudden realization that when we got married there was no option for digital pictures.

– The new swing set has been a big hit.  I’m sure we’ll post on it later on.  Everyone has enjoyed it.  We have only had one accident on it since we’ve had it.  B2, after watching the Olympic trials and grandma’s house, wanted to recreate some gymnastics on the monkey bars.  I looked over and saw him bouncing off the ground.  He is fine, but needless to say, he did not get a 10 or stick the landing.

– We bought some snap-pops, sparklers and a few other random things a few weeks ago at Target for the 4th. The cashier stopped and asked Casey to see her ID.  She was a little stunned and asked why.  Who knew you have to be 18 to purchase snap pops?

Have a great Fourth of July week!

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