And Then, He Was 5

Dear B3,

You are one of the most caring little boys that I know and you are, most certainly, one of the funniest little boys that I’ve ever met.

This year you started Kindergarten and you amaze me everyday with your willingness and eagerness to learn.  You love reading Bible stories and ask the most interesting questions when we read books together, I hope that never changes.

You are such a good big brother to your siblings, one of your favorite foods is guacamole and you are a stickler for details.  You still love to play cars and you play beautifully alone or with others.

My prayer for you this year B3, is that you keep loving with all of your heart.  I pray that you keep your eagerness to learn.  I pray that your father and I can prayerfully help lead you in the way that God would have you to go.  I’m excited to see the things he has for you as you continue to grow.  We love you B3 and Happy Birthday!

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