I Can Do It

Finally, everyone is done with showers and in the bed.  Casey and I are in the living room sitting on the coach enjoying our time together.  “Daaaaadddyyyy, Daaaaadddyyyy, Daaaaadddyyyy!  Cooooover me up!” bellows from the bedroom.  “I already covered you up B3” I call back to him.  This goes on a couple of times and then I finally go in and cover him up.  He tells me thank you and I tell him good night and I love him.  Some nights this happens once others two to three times.

Tonight I came down after showers and devotionals to tell the boys goodnight.  I turned the lights off, told them goodnight and went to cover B3 up for the night.

“I can do it daddy.”

“You sure?”


Be careful what you wish for, you may get it.  He is five now and he reminded me this morning, “I’m older than anyone else my age”.  He will become more and more independent.  It is a happy time and a sad time.  We’ve gone through it with B1 and B2 but it doesn’t get any easier.

I pray that we equip them with enough of what God has blessed us with.  It is a great responsibility that He has given us.  It is a blessing to see their dependance on us shrink and their dependence on Him grow.

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