A Summer Update

So the blogging has been pretty sparse this summer, but, well, it’s summer.  We haven’t exactly been busy, we’ve just been trying to enjoy the warm summer days.  Days have involved lots of water, the eating of popsicles, and the smell of sunscreen.  We’re continuing with school this summer although we do have a term break coming up in the next couple of weeks.  B1 and B2 have been doing some 4H camps here and there, we’re tending our straw bale garden (that’s actually producing for us!), we’ve been freezing peaches and strawberries, eating yummy sweet blueberries, and checking out our local farmer’s market on Saturdays.  We’ve constructed a cat scratching post, started a compost bin, and attempted some geocaching.  Summer days definitely wear on me so I’ve been falling asleep on the couch pretty early at night, hence the lack of blogging.

We visited Lazy Five Ranch for the second time this past weekend.  Everyone had a great time even though it was super hot.  B4 was the first one to point out a “dragon” (camel) when we arrived, it was cute.  As I leave you with some pictures of Lazy Five Ranch, we would love to hear what you all have been up to this summer.

One thought on “A Summer Update

  1. We have been busy but just with work, church, home! We remodeled David’s office and it’s almost done! Miss you and love you lots!

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