The Dog Who Barked Pizza!

I think it’s safe to assume that my brain is still on a summer hiatus.  Or possibly I’m too tired, too lazy, or just too busy living to blog about what goes on here lately.  To be quite honest, I’m okay with that.  Meanwhile I’ve got some boys here that are excited to tell you some stories and they might be getting a little school credit for it also.  So enjoy this post by B1 about ..well.. whatever he has to tell you about.

Last week we went to our cousins pool to swim and to eat lunch. While we were eating we noticed a  little fat dog came out of the house when B2 opened the door. When B4 was eating and dropped a piece of pizza you should have been there, the dog poked up his ears and pounced on the pizza and ate it all in one bite.  After we got done eating we all got back into the pool.  B2 and I were playing with our cousins while the little ones were at the stairs.  B4 happened to step off of the bottom step into water too deep for her, and she can’t swim.  Mawmaw was watching B5 and couldn’t get to her right away.  B3 got over to her and pushed her to the stairs so that she could touch again.  We were all amazed at his quick thinking and were so proud of him.  🙂

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