The blessings have been intrigued with the Olympics this year.  I can’t really explain why but we went with it and studied a bit of the history of the modern day Olympics in school (they are very familiar with the ancient Olympics from our studies of ancient Greece, it’s changed a little since then).  We’ve even indulged them a couple of times and let them watch some of the competitions going on, they seem to enjoy it (it puts me to sleep).  Anyway, if you’ve watched more than 15 minutes of television lately you’re probably familiar with the types of commercials that are on lately.  Yes, political ads are what prompted this little conversation with B2 in the bathroom last night.

B2- (very nonchalantly as I was brushing my teeth) – Momma, did President Obama really spend stimulus money on wind mills in China and electric cars in Finland?

Me- (spitting out toothpaste) – Well, um, I guess I can’t say for sure if he did or not, why would you ask?

B2- That’s what the television said, and I don’t understand why they say bad things about people running for president.

Me- Well, sometimes those ad’s may take a little of the truth and stretch it into something else, you can’t always believe what you hear.  They are just trying to convince people to vote for their candidate and they feel like the way to do that is to make the other guy look bad.

B2 – Oh, you mean like propaganda?

Me- Um, yeah actually just like that.

The he proceeds to tell me this story. 

Me- Well, sounds like the same kind of thing, that’s good that you can recognize it for what it is, lots of people can’t.

B2 – Yeah.  Oh, momma?

Me – Yes son?

B2 – Wouldn’t it make more sense to just tell the good things about your candidate to get people to vote for him, instead of making the other guy look bad?

Me – …..Yes, it would.

And there you have it folks, the wisdom of a nine-year old.

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