Mind Dump Tuesday

I just posted eh er in July.  It has been awhile.  I wanted to post a mind dump because that is typically how my mind works.

There has been some sickness going around the house for the past week.  It caught up with me on Friday and I’ve been feeling it ever since.  I went to the doctor for the first time in 15 years back in April for a physical.  It has been awhile since I have gotten sick.  This one sent me to the urgent care.  I have never been in one before.  I went early Sunday before they opened and waited at the door so I could be first to be seen.

There was only one person there in front of me.  Lucky me, he showed me why he was there.  “Look at this skin infection on my arm.”  He was showing it off like a gold medal.  I took a half step back and made a noise of approval at how bad it was.  In my mind I’m thinking, “NOPE!”  I didn’t even turn to look at it.

I bet that place is full of ……. stories!

The boys took a Taekwondo camp last week through 4h.  It ended Friday with B1, B2 and B3 breaking boards with their hands and feet.  I have it on video, but haven’t transferred it yet.  Just beware!

I got a text message from my brother this morning that started out, “Hey Baby!”  That woke me up.  Obviously meant for his fiance.  Yes, fiancee.  Uncle Ricky is engaged.

I have a small whole in my eardrum from my sickness last weekend.  B1, with his dry humor.  Ok daddy, everyone has holes in their ears.  Hahaha….

Casey has been a wonderful nurse and care giver during my time of need 🙂  I love you!

I had to take some pretty strong pain killers after I had all my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago.  The first medicine I took the day before gave me hiccups for almost a day.  The medicine after made me hallucinate.  I only took one dose.

After not getting sleep for a couple of nights I started drifting in and out of vivid dreams.  We had just watched a recap of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta with Dominic Moceanu doing a floor routine to The Devil Went Down to Georgia.  Anyway, the dream went like this:

The devil challenged me to do some gymnastics to see if I could get better.  The dream went on for awhile and I tried my hardest but couldn’t quite stick the landings.

What is the interpretation of this dream?  Pray for me…..

I told Casey if she saw woke up and saw me doing gymnastics in the room to tie me down.

B4’s 3rd birthday is coming up on Saturday and we have some big plans.  She is excited and so are we.  Hopefully we will have plenty of pictures to share on her big day!

Did any of you eat at Chic-Fil-a last week?

Are any of you watching the Olympics?  What is your favorite event(s)?  I really enjoy track, mostly because you can only watch it every four years.  More specifically I like the 200 and 400m.  Those are still to come.

The NBC coverage has come under some criticism this year.  I’m ok with the tape delay prime time coverage.  It was a little irksome when they ran a commercial right before the one of the swimming races last week that told the winner.  In the scope of things, who cares.

After seeing some of the coverage it has made me want to pack up and take everyone to London though.

These past few weeks have been a practice of patience that God has been trying to teach me.  He is moving and I so want to run ahead to the destination.  If I know where He wants me I should just jump right in, correct?  God works in His perfect order.  I am to follow and I am happy to follow.  His perfect path, His perfect leading.  I just have to stay close!

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