Where Pinterest Makes My Life More Difficult – Part 1

It started off very innocently.  I pinned something on Pinterest that I thought would be a good project for daddy and the boys to make for B4’s birthday.  David looked at it, examined how easy it would be, told me I was super smart and that it was the best idea ever, then commenced to find a piece of abandoned furniture to start the project with.  That was a couple of months ago.

It took a few weeks of scouring curbs and ..ahem.. people’s offices to find a piece of furniture that would work.  He brought said piece home and it sat in the garage for a couple more weeks.  We causally begin to pick up a few things here and there for the project, meanwhile I begin to get a nervous itch knowing that this project could potentially become more involved than we initially thought.  Finally the first cut was made, a circle to be specific, which meant they were on a roll and this would surely get done for B4’s birthday.

How was I to know that the Summer Flu of 2012 would hit our home.

I was first followed by B1, then David.  We racked up an easy $200.00 on co-pays and prescriptions in a weeks time.  Not to mention we felt bad, really, really bad.  The project was at a standstill and B4’s birthday was less than a week away.

So everyone finally recovered and David went back to work.  Thankfully my dad was off for a few days and graciously offered to help me with the project.  We (the boys, my dad, and I) assembled it then unassembled it for painting.  I painted it and David and the boys were able to finish the detail work the day before B4’s birthday.

So we made this really cute thing that I don’t have a picture of because this isn’t a craft blog.  My husband on the other hand, took before and after pictures with his phone, I guess that will be part 2.  But keep this in mind when you see this really cute project that we made for B4’s birthday.  As a matter of fact every craft on Pinterest should probably have this disclaimer attached.  THIS PROJECT TOOK A LOT OF TIME, IF YOU DON’T HAVE A LOT OF TIME, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS PROJECT.

Besides that, it’s really cute and it was totally worth it to see B4’s face when we gave it to her.

To be continued…..

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