Psalm 139


It was a logical question from our 10-year-old.  “Why do I need to ask God to search my heart when he already knows what’s in it?”  We attempted to explain how it’s not about God not knowing, it’s about Him revealing it to you so that He can help you to change.  After all He is the only person sometimes that we are willing to listen to.

I’ve been praying for my children for a long time but I have to admit that maybe I haven’t always prayed the right way.  This study of Psalm 139 was a reminder of that.  Do I pray that my child’s behavior would be changed or do I pray that God would reveal the sin problem to the child so that he and God can then do the changing?  Am I praying because the child’s anger is making it hard for me the get through the day or am I praying because I want God to give the child the understanding that being angry at a person is sin?

And as happens so many times, we learn right along with our kids during Bible study.



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