– I made sausage and gravy biscuits for breakfast

– I taught about why it’s now winter in Australia

– the baby peed into my shoe

– I shopped for groceries online

– I didn’t have to cook supper

– I forgot something important

– B1 convinced me to let him run around the block by himself

– I questioned my ability to parent/homeschool

– I prayed for patience

– I worked out with weights

– I ate cake with my husband at 10:30 pm

– I won a prize at a Twitter party

– I read about Luis Palau

– we have kitchen counters full of tomatos and pears

– I made up songs with my daughter

– I found a small plastic tree in the couch cushion

– I spent too much time in my own head

– is almost over, and I’m off to relax for the rest of it

What are your days looking like lately?



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