This week we have been taking a vacation.  It was planned last minute a few weeks ago and we have enjoyed it.  I guess I should be more specific, a staycation.  This vacation was known by One, like so many other of our unexpected happenings.

This story starts back a few years, or really has always been in our minds.  I have always wanted to run a business, work for myself.  This added with God blessing us with our children the desire to work from home as been very great.  It really came to a tipping point a year ago.  It was a typical Wednesday night that involved us rushing to get to church on time.  We rolled in the door just in time.  The pastor announced that he felt led to let Brother David preach tonight.  AH!  On a few minutes noticed I got up and shared my heart and what God was doing in our lives.

I shared the desire that God had placed in my heart to be at home with Casey and the kids.  Nothing realer than laying out the desire God has placed in your heart and then actively seeking after it.  I had planned and set a date a few times to quit and work for myself.  Those dates came and went.  Nothing was working out and it didn’t really seem like it was going to be possible.

Then God did something I had not even thought about.  There was a job opening at my current employer, which had not been work at home friendly, that had been open for a year.  Someone had mentioned they were open to part-time and I started to pray about it.  I inquired about the possibility to work part-time and from home.  They actually went for it.

So, I resigned a few weeks ago and last Friday was my last day in my position.  I am now working less hours and half of them from home.  In this process I have also started actively seeking freelance web work.

You can see my website for freelance web design and development here!

We have been praying as a family for this for some time.  It is so great to see Him move and show the kids faith and miracles in action.  Who knows what tomorrow holds?  I do serve the One who knows and has me in the palm of His hand.  I can’t wait to see how He moves and what He has in store for our lives!

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