Cat Food, Fire Alarms and Running

This week is going to make me have to succumb to the f word (that’s fall people) and I’m less than thrilled to go there.  Spring gradually gets warmer and turns into summer and fall gradually gets colder and turns into winter.  Yet, with summer it’s like someone turns the light out at 7:00 pm one day and you wake up to a freezing house the next morning.  I’m realizing that my sleeveless shirt and capri pants that got me through the spring and summer aren’t going to cut it much longer.  Meanwhile everyone else is all excited about cozy sweaters and boots.  I remain strong on my thought that the only things good that can come from fall is a pumpkin spice latte and our wedding anniversary.

Moving on.  Here’s a recap of things around here recently.

– B4 is finally about 80% potty trained.  I say finally, but we really stopped putting much effort into potty training after B2.  Here’s the good news for folks worried about potty training.  Every child that I’ve ever known at some point decided they no longer wanted to wear diapers.  You can probably skip purchasing the book written by Dr. So and So about how to potty train.  With a small amount of encouragement and gentle reminders it will pretty much happen on it’s own, maybe not as soon as you want, but it will happen.

– While on our staycation last week I was cooking/burning something we were supposed to eat when the fire alarm in the house went off.  The kids were playing in the basement unfazed and David quickly took care of the alarm.  At supper we asked if everyone knew what they should do in case of the fire alarm sounding.  B2 quickly answered, “Yeah, wave a towel at it”.

– B5 is our first child to taste animal food, that I’m aware of anyway.  I caught him this weekend happily having  a handful while feeding some to the cat. I’m choosing to be happy that he’s learning to share.

– B1 will be running his first 10K this Saturday.  He’s all exciting and has been training for a while.  Meanwhile these two signs more accurately describe my thoughts on running.

let's be honest

Pretty much...

What has everyone else been up to lately?

2 thoughts on “Cat Food, Fire Alarms and Running

  1. oh wow, lots going on with you! Things are good here, Derek is 100% potty trained, right now I’m battling to get him to go to sleep. He likes to talk and talk at bedtime now. He used to be excited for bed time but not anymore. CJ started K5 and is doing well……I’m looking for a new night job, mine will end in about a month or so.

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