Bull in a China Shop

You see it in nature and I guess we are no different.  When does an elephant realize he is an elephant?  Or better yet, when does an elephant realize he is much larger than he used to be?

We are kind of at that in between stage with B2.  He is getting older and getting bigger, but he does not realize it or doesn’t really care.  He is still the carefree run here, jump on this, swing here kid he has always been, just much bigger.

He loves to greet you with a bear hug and hang on.  Sometimes you get the urge to push away, but you just can’t.  That is just the way he shows affection.  He ran in tonight and jumped on the bed after shower time.  The entire bed jumped and groaned.  I had a short talk with him about how he was no longer two years old and he had to be a little gentler.

We proceeded with devotions, prayers and parted with hugs before bedtime.  I was laying on one side of the bed and B2 was on  the opposite side.  He pounced at me for a hug and both of us tumbled off the bed.  I looked up and pictures were starting to fall off the dresser.  I caught it, the cat darted it and it sounded like the house was falling in.

Hopefully he gets its, he’s not 2 anymore.  If he doesn’t oh well.  I’ll take the bear hugs and tackles all day long!

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