Do You Feel?

On our little white board I write the sentence, The boy walked down the street.  Below it I write, The boy wondered along in a cool breeze as the cars rushed by beside of him.  I ask them to tell me the similarities between the two.  “Yes, the boy, they are both about a boy…but what else?”, I ask.  Then we talk about the differences, which one evokes more feeling?  While the first one tell us what the boy is doing, the second makes us see what the boy is doing.

Later I realize my impromptu language lesson is less about language and more about life.  While we can all agree that all great writers have the ability to penetrate all of our senses, does life tend to have the same effect?  When we walk outside can we smell, see, feel all of God’s creation?  Do we pass by a bush laden with butterflies and never stop to take a closer look?

It’s true that this earth is not our home, but we have to believe that all of the wondrous things that He put on this earth are meant to be enjoyed, explored, felt, right?

So here is my question.  Do you feel as though you do a good job at using your God given senses in everyday life, or does the busyness of life tend to take over leaving you merely living this life yet not feeling it?






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