Field Trippin

Today we were able to take a field trip together as a family.  We visited the Billy Graham Library.

It was a great visit that I would recommend for anyone.  The library/museum is lovely.  The facility itself was so well put together and had a wealth of information about Billy Graham’s life and mission.  The staff was incredibly hospitable.

They have a scavenger hunt especially for the kids that even resulted in a prize at the end.  We were able to tour his childhood home and the prayer garden where his wife is buried.

In case you can’t read the inscription on her tombstone it reads. “End of Construction Thank You for your patience”, oh how I love that!  The Chinese character means “Righteousness”, her family spent many years as missionaries in China.

There was even a fellow visitor who offered to take a photo of our family.

It was a great way to spend a day!

Has anyone else made this trip before?

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