So This Happened… (updated)

Would you believe me if I said that it looks much worse than it actually is?  Yes, there is a story here but it will have to wait, I have to shop for some groceries.  I will get to it, promise.


Have you seen the Direct TV commercials detailing a series of events?  This would be B3’s afternoon yesterday as explained by one of those commercials.

“Don’t Look As If You’ve Been Wounded In War”

When you decide to go to the pumpkin patch with your family you will quickly pick out your special pumpkin and then move onto the very small hay bale maze with one of your older brothers and younger sister.  When you run through the hay bale maze the second time you will trip and go tumbling onto a wooden palate filled with hay bales.  During said tumble you will land on an unknown object which will virtually slash through your earlobe leaving you bleeding profusely.  Your crying about the pain in your ear will eventually alert your parents to come and take a look and make the decision to pack everyone up ten minutes into your pumpkin patch trip and make the 30 minute trek to the Urgent Care.  Your brother will end up applying pressure to your ear the whole way to the Urgent Care, you will notice your shirt is covered in blood.  Your covered in blood shirt will get you immediate attention at the Urgent Care place (plus a freeze pop) and you will proceed to be examined and bandaged up.  Once bandaged you will look as if you’ve been wounded in a war.  Don’t look as if you’ve been wounded in war.

And there you have it, our first accident related trip to the Urgent Care.  In all seriousness we are extremely thankful that the accident was not worse than it was.  Please pray for B3 as he has a follow-up appointment with the ENT to make sure that his lacerations will heal correctly.

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