Finding Joy

They made it safely through two moves and always ended up on the towel bars as the “show towels” .  Surely you wouldn’t go to the trouble of getting towels monogrammed and expect people to wipe dirty hands on them, right?  Of course they were a wedding gift, our initials woven together, a symbol of unity.

Somehow during our third move they got mixed in with other linens and one ended up as a bath towel for one of our two kids at the time, used and thrown down like just an ordinary towel.  I was upset.  Although my memory fails, I’m sure I lost my temper.  The idea that I couldn’t keep things nice after having kids unnerved me.  I’m not proud of it, I’m just honest.  Sometimes it’s hard to find the joy in things.

Last night when I noticed my husband laying down the same off-white monogrammed towel  in the middle of our bed, I smiled.  The towel that our little one would lay on during the night.  His body all clammy feeling from the bug that just wouldn’t go away.  Our initials there together symbolizing this unity we have.  The unity that has been there for almost 12 years now.  Loving kids together, washing dishes together, dressing little ones together, making up beds together, singing silly songs together, and cleaning up after sick babies together.

Now as our sick one snuggles between us in the wee hours of the morning on our monogrammed letters all I feel is, crazy joy.  Crazy joy right there!  Thankfulness for all those years, for all those babies, for all those dishes.  For all of those things that continually brought us together even when times weren’t so joyous.  I feel joy for the times when I couldn’t see joy.  It’s time well spent at 1 am.

The towel got washed today with the other soiled items.  Right in there with life’s messes where it should be.  A reminder that this is where we are, where He has us, where we should be.  Happy, blessed, and finding joy in unusual places.

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