A New Week

So last week was a little crazy around here.  It involved some sickness, injury and missed activities.  Thankfully, all is better around these parts for now and we’re off to a cold start this week.  My feet have gone into deep freeze, they won’t warm up until next spring.

Today is election day but it really doesn’t feel like it because we voted a couple of weeks ago.  If you haven’t voted you definitely should, every vote counts!  But, I’m sure you already now that.

We appreciate you prayers for B3’s ear it seems to be healing up just fine.  When I was importing some photos the other day I realized I actually have a picture of him after the injury.  Don’t worry I won’t share.  Also, everyone who’s been praying for David’s new job situation.  Things are going well, we’re loving having him home more.

Thanksgiving is getting close and we’re already writing down our menu.  Anyone trying anything different this year?

Maybe one day David will be able to blog again, hint hint dear.  In his defense he stays pretty busy with freelance work at night.  But for now I’ll share some fall pictures.  Have a great week all!


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