A rambling brought to you by a frozen coffee drink…

Well I didn’t really have any intention on blogging tonight but I have a few minutes to spare as I’m uploading a zillion photos to create Christmas gifts and such.  Normally I might be asleep on the couch by 11:15 pm, instead I’m awake and being quite productive.  It helps that my husband took a trip to our new local coffee shop and brought back frozen coffee drinks (I can’t ever count on him to choose decaf).  So here we sit on opposite couches, multitasking away.  I’m on the hunt (like every year) to find the best deal on photo cards and calenders.  It’s quite exciting looking for the best deals.  So far I’ve gotten 20 free Christmas cards with free shipping (score!).  I have a personal goal to never pay for shipping or at least find a discount that offsets shipping costs.

I thought you might enjoy this photo.

Because, well…I like to keep it real around here.  Yes, in the left corner there is our Obama Chia pet.  We had to discard him.  He never grew hair.  Plus it was weird having him around.  So, that’s all I have for tonight, have a great Friday!

3 thoughts on “A rambling brought to you by a frozen coffee drink…

  1. oh, precious friend! This made me smile! I love it!

    Where is the new coffee shop, and more importantly, do they sell caramel apple spice?! Because this girl needs some and there is not a s’bux close enough to home.

    I am on a goal to do the same, although David is going to make our cards and print them at work, I don’t have to worry about that. I am, however, trying to bargain and coupon to get the cheapest deals possible. 😀

  2. Hey Becca, It’s Yogurt Café and Coffee Creations it is right behind Moe’s. We’ve been several times now, I haven’t been disappointed. Maybe we should meet there sometime! Miss you guys.

  3. yes! Let’s meet there soon, just the two of us? or we could all meet at Moes on a Tuesday night, kids eat free!

    Just let me know –

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