Happy 12th Anniversary

I know this picture looks like it was taken last week, but contrary to popular belief it was twelve years ago yesterday.  This past weekend we celebrated twelve years of marriage and it was just as wonderful as the first weekend we spent together.  I truly thank God for someone I grow to love more and more every year.  She truly completes me and is a blessing to me and the kids every day.  We can talk for hours sharing our hearts, dreams, goals, or convictions and still be engaged at the end of the conversation.

Sharing our wedding day activities with the kids was a nice way to reminisce on our Anniversary reliving all the moments.  That day was a blur so it is nice to see what each of us remember from it and the honeymoon.

As this month brings in a season of Thanksgiving I thank God each and every day of where He has me and the people He has given me to serve Him with, my wife and kids!  I look forward to every moment that we get to spend together.  I love you and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in the future together!

I leave you with one of our favorite wedding pictures.  How many years will you be celebrating this year?

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