Well Thanksgiving is over and just like that, we’re thrown into a brand new week.  It’s back to division, irregular verbs, and a language arts program I’ve nearly given up on.  It’s no surprise to homeschoolers that occasionally you’re going to purchase a program that just doesn’t work for your family.  While it’s no surprise, it can throw a homeschooling mama into panicky, Googling, crazy lady.  All the while every online company is pushing their Cyber Monday sales and it’s about all I can take with the constant stream of emails, tweets, and advertisements.  Add in one bloody lip, crayons being spilled for the hundredth time today, no matching socks in the house anywhere, and boys rushing through assignments and I’m feeling a bit on edge.

So, I’m putting the computer away in about five minutes and calling it a day.  I’m already praying for tomorrow and the clarity that I’m sure He will provide.  I’m reminding myself that I do simple, not complicated, and I may even have a conversation with my husband.

If your day was similar to mine, I pray that tomorrow will bring a better day for you as well.


3 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. Whew, don’t I know how you feel! Simpicity is so much better! But Clarity is a definite help! Praise the Lord all days aren’t insane–with the help of the Lord that is. I find myself running on “myself” on days like that, and so many times forget the Holy Spirit wants to help me. I should be a better listener to the Holy Spirit! Love you guys!

  2. oh how well I know how you feel! Bills, schedules, kids who just need more sleep…….hugs, friend! I’m finding a day for us to spend time together!

  3. What can I do to help with your language arts dilemma? Give me a topic and I’ll be glad to spin a few lesson plans for you. I still remember quite a few.

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