Family Fun Night – Arts and Crafts

So it’s that time of year now where the nights begin around 5:30 and playing outside after supper is but a distant memory.  After supper is eaten and dishes are washed we’re left with about an hour or so of family time in the evenings during to week.  We’ve learned from experience that this time could result in happy kids and parents or well…not.  This year we decided to give every night a theme, so that we would have a specific thing to do each night of the week.  We have a game night, arts and crafts night, learn a new skill night, etc.  It’s the same night every week although the particular activities change.

Last night was arts and crafts night and, lucky for us, we had received a package earlier that day.  The packing materials that they used for this particular package happened to be very long sheets of brown paper.  We decided it would be the perfect thing to use to make our own wrapping paper for Christmas gifts. We broke out the markers and created some lovely Christmas themed paper.

The cat even got in on the action.

And look it’s Sherlock!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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