Update Interviews – Part 1

I haven’t been that best at keeping everyone updated about what’s going on here lately so I thought that the best way to let you know how everyone is doing would be to do some interviews.

If you read here pretty often you know that David started a new job about three months ago, so I thought I would take some time tonight to interview him so everyone could see how it was going.

Me – So, how are the new job(s) going, explain to us exactly what all you’re doing?

David – (laughs) Seriously, what all I’m doing?  Um, okay, all is going well, I’m adjusting to the new schedule and department at Elon.  I’m enjoying seeking out new freelancing opportunities and enjoying more time at home.  Also, I’m still teaching the enrichment computer classes.

Me – So, technically you have three jobs?

David – Yes.

Me – Is it distracting working from our, ..ahem, somewhat chaotic home?

David – No, I find I’ve been more productive working from home.  I think that’s because I’m more conscious of wasting time when I’m home than I would be in the office.

Me – So really, there are less people here than when you’re at the office at Elon right, less distractions?

David – Yes.

Me – Are you able to help out during the day when you’re home?

David – You have to answer that question (points at me)

Me – Yes, he’s able to join us for Bible time in school most days and of course he can give the “Dad look” when the kids start acting up.:)  He gets to eat lunch with us so he helps during that.  Of course for the most part everyone knows that he’s working so we try to leave him alone.  One of the best parts is not having the commute time, he’s home right at 5:00.

Me – Do you have to work normal business hours or can you work at different times during the day?

David – I have to work normal hours for Elon, I can do my freelance work at other times, I teach on Wednesdays.

Me – So what time of day is the most productive?

David – First thing in the morning or at night when everyone is in bed.  (I’ll interject here, he’s always been most productive at night.)

Me – Do you have your own office space at home?

David – Yes, I have a desk with all of my equipment, it can be quiet when I need it to be.

Me – Any downsides to the new schedules?

David – Not really downsides, but I find the two days I’m working at Elon are full of meetings since they have to be crammed into those two days.

Me – Why haven’t you been blogging lately?

David – I’ve been busy, looking for new work and doing freelance projects.

Me – Final question, What’s been the best part about the change?

David – Being able to spend more time with the family, help out with cooking, feeling more connected with what’s going on at home.

Me – Anything else to add?

David – If God has placed something on your heart don’t focus on all the things that could go wrong or might happen, just pray for wisdom and guidance.  Know that if He places it on your heart He will guide you through it, but you’re going to have to take a step of faith.

Sounds like a good place to end, but if you have any questions for him just leave  a comment.  We’re so thankful for the opportunity that David has had to be at home more!



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