Update Interviews – Part 2

Today we’re going to see what’s been going on with B1 lately.

Me – So B1, what’ca been up to lately?

B1 – Well, I’ve been thinking of ways I can help people.  I’ve been making things outside and drawing, stuff like that.

Me – What are your ideas to help people?

B1 – Do faith promise (at church) and stuff.

Me – What’s the most interesting thing you’re doing in school?

B1 – I’m working on learning about some animals on my own.  I kinda like learning about people in history.

Me – Anybody in particular?

B1 – Harriet Beecher Stowe.  Also we’re reading A Christmas Carol and it’s been pretty good.

Me – What are your other interests right now?

B1 – I want to start learning some science and math on my own, away  from school.  Maybe start reading some more books.

Me – What kind of books do you like?

B1 – I really like biographies and non-fiction adventure stories.

Me – Do you have any goals set for yourself for the next year?

B1 – To learn how to play the piano.

Me – What’s your plan for learning to play the piano.

B1 – To use the software and keyboard we got for Christmas last year to try and teach myself.

Me – Any long term goals?

B1 – I want to go to college.  I want to go to a military academy and be a doctor.

Me – So, it’s kinda tough to get into a military academy, are you willing to put the work into it.

B1 – Yes.

Me – So you feel like you have calling to be in a service position of some kind?

B1 – Yeah, I would also like to be a fireman as soon as I’m old enough.

Me – So what’s it like being the oldest kid in this family?

B1 – Makes me proud, I have a lot of responsibility.

Me – So you don’t mind having to help out in this, somewhat large family?

B1 – Nope, it’s not like I have to walk three miles to get water everyday like some people do in other countries.

Me – So you don’t have to walk three miles to get water, but what are some of your responsibilities?

B1 – I’m in charge of doing the clothes everyday.  Everyone depends on me to get it done.  Once you get used to doing it, it’s not too hard, you just get it done.

Me – So you like feeling like you have a big responsibility within the family?

B1 – Yes.

Me – Anything else you like to do for fun?

B1 – Cooking, drawing, making stuff, playing games with my siblings, and I love walking around downtown in the antique shops.

Me – Anything else you want to tell everyone?

B1 – If there is ever anything I can help you do, please let me know.

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