Lord, be near..

In 2005 we had two children.  We took them to locations to take Christmas photos and dressed them in matching outfits.  We had plenty of room in our home and we weren’t overwhelmed with toys.  In theory, we had the best of both worlds.  We didn’t have plans to have more children.

I often wonder what our life would be like now had God not changed our heart concerning our family. Today our house is full of kids.  They sleep in every crack and crevice of our home.  There are remnants of them everywhere even when they are fast asleep.  We rarely leave our yard to take photos and they only match when everyone decides they like camo on the same day.  I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Last week when evil struck hard, we all hugged our kids a little tighter.  May we not forget that these blessings are loaned to us for such a short time.  May we live and parent with no regrets, laying it all out everyday.  And on the days when we know we fall short, may we pray for renewal that the morning brings.

As we all pray for these families, all these precious children, all these lives changed forever.  May we use this as a reminder of how fleeting this life is.  May it help us remember what’s urgent and what can wait.  May God be near these hurting families and may we be near God.



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