My Word for 2013

Even though I have a realistic view of things I can also tend to be a dreamer.  While there’s nothing wrong with having dreams, I’ve begin to realize that there are times when dreaming can distract from the present. Perhaps I’ve been so busy dreaming of moving to a tropical area void of seasons, that I’ve missed God’s lovely watercolor right in front of me.

I didn’t take this photo.  My 10 year-old was more observant than I and grabbed the camera one morning last week.

I can also be guilty of trying to rush through activities and experiences so that I can call it “completed” and move on.  I can tend to push through things without taking the time to enjoy them.  “Stopping to smell the roses”, isn’t always in the forefront of my thinking.  All of these things helped me to prayerfully choose my word for this year.

This year may I choose to fully do everything.  I’m going to strive to fully see, fully love, fully experience, fully participate, and fully appreciate.

My word for 2013, FULLY.  So, let’s hear yours.  Do you choose a word for the year, if so what is it?

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