A Respite

This week we’ve had quite a nice break from the cold winter days that tend to keep me bundled up inside the house.  The kids have been able to comfortably play outside for longer periods without frosty noses and cheeks.

I’ve been able to get some much needed fresh air.  B5 has been able to explore the yard since he’s walking like a champ now and not stumbling over the uneven terrain.

It gives me glimpses of days when we are able to spend the majority of our time outside among the beauty of our surroundings.

I’m truly an outdoor girl at heart and winter can be a tough time of year for me.  This weekend we spent some time planning our garden, discussing clearing out and tilling up.

Soon we will start to map out a more concert plan and get to work.  I’ll check out seed catalogues and we’ll begin to see those first signs that I anticipate every year, buttercups!

But I know that we still have months of cold left before spring is upon us so I’ll grab the camera and try to find beauty in the winter and enjoy this nice respite.

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