So, how's everyone?

So I fell off the boat doing the interviews of everyone.  See, I had video interviews planned for B2-B5 but I don’t really deal with any videography type stuff which meant I needed to enlist help for someone else, who I won’t name.  Any who, someone has been unable to help thus far, but I promise to finish up interviews at some point, maybe.

Today I’ll try to give brief updates on everyone.

B1 is still plugging away at some free online piano classes we found.  He’s actually doing pretty well learning at home, he was even able to play a few Christmas songs for us at our Christmas dinner.  He hasn’t been involved in much running lately because well, it’s winter and neither David or I really like to run in the cold (yeah wimps, I know).  He’s got a birthday coming up on Valentine’s, he’s turning 11!

B2 is still our science guy, trying to invent and/or figure out any and everything that he comes in contact with or reads about.  I’m not gonna lie here, sometimes his discussions are a little over my head, I refer him to his father, other times I attempt to help him with his research.  He still enjoys writing, reading, building things, and exploring anything.  He’s got a birthday two weeks after his brother, he’s jumping into double digits this year.

B3 is our, somewhat shy in public, openly loud at home guy.  He’s been enjoying creating things for people recently, he loves to give presents.  He’s doing great with his handwriting and other schoolwork.  He’s got an imagination that reminds me a lot of B2 at this age.

B4 is our singer.  Girl sings all. the .time.  She sings about anything really, and loves to make her own medleys.  B4 loves to dress-up, play with babies, and coloring is her very favorite.  She has the happiest and funniest personality, she handles being the only girl with poise.

B5 is learning new things everyday.  He’s going on 15 months now and we’re entering, what I consider, some of the most exciting yet most challenging months.  His favorite two words are “dada” and “aww”.  He can pretty much let you know what he wants and he enjoys throwing things in the trash.  He loves the freedom of running around outside, and it’s been a few weeks since he’s been able to quietly sit through an entire church service.  He’s sleeping through the night most of the time but he still enjoys snuggling close on occasion.

I love watching these little people grow on a daily basis!

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