Relax and Just Play


If you were to come to our house during a normal day of homeschooling you might be surprised at the amount of play that goes on.  Although B3 is now in Kindergarten his day is not spent at the table doing workbooks all day.  He may be filling containers with water, building things with various types of blocks, making cards to give as gifts, practicing a “play” to perform, or creating things out of Playdough.  Kids really do learn through play and the more hands-on-learning you can give younger kids the better.  Our older kids are always happy to get in on the fun when they have a break in their day also.  Even with B1 and B2 we can always manage to slide in a game of Bananagrams or some other educational game.  My advice to moms starting out homeschooling their younger kids is always, relax and play instead of pushing the books too hard at this age.

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