We enjoy music in this family.  At any given time in our home you’re much more likely to hear music playing than to see a television on.  Ironically neither David or I have any musical ability.  But, hey someone out there’s got to appreciate all of the music other people make right?  Yep, we’re those people.

Lots of my memories growing up are attached to music.  I can tell you songs I’ve listened to during different stages of adulthood.  Our kids seem to have the same love.  Love for music is something we can share together.  We’re pretty varied in our music likes, we enjoy everything from traditional hymns to classical, jazz, contemporary christian and more.  We have a few exceptions but at the risk of offending anyone’s personal likes I’ll keep those to myself.

I’ve mentioned that B1’s been working on learning how to play the piano.  He isn’t taking any formal lessons, but he’s doing pretty well using some online resources.  It makes my heart happy to hear the notes trickle out of his room during the day.  It doesn’t matter what he’s playing or how many times he messes it up, I love it.  It’s not yet known if any of the blessings will take up anything musical, but if they did I certainly wouldn’t mind.  🙂

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