Dear B1, So you’re turning 11 today and I’m having a hard time believing how quickly the years have passed. I’m willing to bet that the feeling is not mutual. Today you complained about having to memorize 40 prepositions and although I gave you the “don’t ask just do it” face I tend to agree, it sounds a little pointless to me too. The thing is, I do understand some of the things that go through your head these days even when you don’t think I do. I also understand that as quickly as I feel these 11 years have passed, you’re dreaming of days to come. For good reason son, because I’ve no doubt that there are great things to come for you. You’re a headstrong firstborn and I admire that in you, even when it makes this parenting thing hard. It’s amazing to watch your young wobbly foundation start to take hold and stand firm. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got years to go son, years of building, growing, cementing these things. These years ahead though, they’re going to be quite different from the previous 11.

But here’s the thing I want you to know, how your dad and I truly feel about these years ahead. We’re not dreading these years, no the complete opposite actually, we’re excited to see you grow. So grow on,my firstborn, keep God first in your life, remember to choose wise console, keep building that foundation, and one day in the next 11 years it will be time to stand on your own. May God continue to prepare us all for these years to come, to give us what we need when we need it, and bless you as you follow His will! We love you!

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