Water, Commas, and Cars

I’m kinda out of cute photos to share, which means I’m going to have to come up with some actually words tonight.  So here goes..

Last week we took our annual trip to Great Wolf Lodge with my brother, sister-in-law, nieces, and nephew.  It was actually a nice trip and not nearly as stressful as I remember last year being.  It can still be a mentally challenging trip, trying to keep our four eyes on our five children to make sure no one is drowning, but overall it was good.  Three out of our five are swimming well on their own so that certainly helps.  If you’re looking a little overnight getaway that’s close by, you should definitely check out Great Wolf Lodge.  Just be sure to visit during the middle of the week and stay away from school observed holidays, if you choose to go during these times, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Yeah, I lied, I managed to find one photo.

Does anyone have an opinion about the Oxford comma?  Some people do feel strongly about it.  I’ve always been a user myself, I’ve always likened it to being a rule follower.  Although, I do teach my kids that it’s correct either way.  To be perfectly honest though, I have to bite my tongue when the choose not to use it.  I was always taught in school that it wasn’t necessary, but you could use it if you wanted.  I should get David’s opinion, chances are if it was optional he opted not to use it.  🙂


We have our annual pine car derby race coming up this weekend.  The cars are cut, painted, sanded, and ready to go.  I’ll try to get photos to share with everyone, I bet you can see each of the B’s style in their cars.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight, have a happy Friday everyone!

One thought on “Water, Commas, and Cars

  1. I didn’t realize it was called the Oxford comma, but that is what I like to use. I have also told my kids that either way is acceptable, but I prefer it the way I learned it. The write-up about the Oxford comma is pretty funny. 🙂

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