Pine Car Derby Results

Last weekend was the big pine car derby race at church.  All of the B’s had a car except for B5 and they all had a large part in creating their own cars.  B1 and B2 were able to do about 90% of the work themselves while B3 and B4 had to have a bit more help.

B1’s car is on the left here.  I named it the Ocean Pacific car, it reminded me of ocean waves, and summer, and sun, or maybe Hawaii…oh Hawaii.  We’ll just say it reminded me of happiness.

Here’s a really bad picture of B2’s and B3’s cars.  B2 is the blue car with the flame in the right lower corner, B3’s is the red #5 at the bottom.

Here’s B4 with her “magic wand” car, as you can see she’s nervous with anticipation.

As always, we had some pretty impressive cars.

Very creative these folks are.

Can you believe this is a derby car?

The competition was pretty stiff this year, but we managed to take home one trophy.

Don’t let this face fool you, B4 was ecstatic about her win.  She proudly displays her trophy in her room, where all of her brothers can admire it.

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