Happy, happy, happy #10

Dear B2,

Saturday I watched you roller skate.  You fell, a lot, and never once did that bother you.  Actually, you had a great time, which isn’t unlike most of your days.  You seem to ooze joy out of every part of you, and I love it.  Not only can you find joy in every situation, you bring it to everyone else you’re around.

Today you turn 10, the first of many two digit years you’ll see.  It’s amazing the things you’ve learned in 10 years, and the ways that you’ve grown.  I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you B2.  I truly believe that no matter what it is, you will put everything you have into it and you’ll have a good time along the way.

Thank you for bringing so much joy to this house.  Thank you for constantly keeping us on our toes, for asking me questions that I don’t know the answers to, for teaching me to embrace life and enjoy the ride.   Happy Birthday B2, we love you!

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