Chasing Courage…Part 1

Friday evening it was light enough after supper for David to take the kids out while I cleaned up inside.  At some point during mopping the floor our cat, Courage, decided he too wanted to go outside.  We usually freely let him out of the porch because although he acts curious with his surroundings he’s never attempted to go off the porch.  Eventually the kids came in and we headed to the basement to do haircuts.

The next day around lunch we realized that we hadn’t seen the cat all day.  After a quick search around the house turned up no kitty, I begin to wonder if I had forgotten about him last night.  We determined it was likely that our dear Courage, who gets terrified if the garage door opens, a car drives in the driveway, or an animal walks down the sidewalk was probably outside and had been outside all night long.

Everyone begin to search outdoors, there were some tears shed, and I felt really, really bad.  After walking around the house calling kitty I finally heard a faint “meow” come from under our building.  Everyone huddled around the building, thinking surely Courage would emerge from the building and be ready to come in.  Just when we approached the area he was at, he shot from underneath the building and ran straight into the woods.  Courage would spend, yet another night outside.

to be continued…..


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