Let’s Get Physical

Sometimes people get the idea that home schooled kids spend most of their days packed up in a room somewhere where they spend 6 hours a day looking at the same four walls.  They feel like their activity level is low at best, I mean they don’t go to P.E. right?

Our kids recently participated in field day with one of our home school groups.  It’s always a big hit around here.  We think it’s important to give them a chance to challenge their bodies with physical activities.  fieldday2012

At this point we don’t have kids involved in organized sports so things like field day give them an opportunity to enjoy a little friendly competitiveness.


As with all things some of them enjoy the competitiveness more than others.  Some of them tend to enjoy more of the social aspect of it.


And some of them are just eager to age into participation in the next year or so.


Although the kids love field day they have many more day-to-day opportunities to challenge themselves physically right here at home.  Sometimes it’s in the form of exploring the woods around our house; climbing on things, jumping off of things, and creating things out of what they can find around them.  Sometimes, like recently, it’s taken the form of hard labor; clearing out brush from the yard and dragging it to the road for pickup, mowing the yard, pulling up roots to prepare for our garden, and moving logs to a trailer.

I think it’s safe to say that these kids are getting plenty of physical activity around here.  Probably more than they would like on most days.  If you home school how do your kids get most of their physical activity in?


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