The Understanding of Mothers


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So it doesn’t matter much how long you’ve been in the race, how many races you’ve won, or how close you are to the finish line; all mothers have a common understanding.

mothers day

Like the joy of watching a little one realize for the first time that something makes an entertaining noise.

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Or when he’s trying to tell you about the big bird in the sky.

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They realize the precious site of little sweaty braids on a spring afternoon.

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We’re not all alike, but we’re all perfectly created for the little lives He entrusts us with.  Yet most of the time we look down at the sound of “Happy Mother’s Day” because we feel so very unworthy of the kind words.  Because, although perfectly created, we feel far from perfection.

I’m thanking God today for using such imperfect vessels.

Remember moms when the days are long seek Him more often.  When the disappointments are many, ask Him to show you how to show His grace.  When you feel overwhelmed, ask Him to decrease yourself so that He may increase within you.  You’re not alone in this journey, He’s making up for your imperfections along the way!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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