20 weeks update

Today I’m 20 weeks pregnant and it also happened to be our ultrasound day.  We debated on whether or not we should find out the baby’s gender this go round.  We didn’t really need to, we have what we need for a boy or girl, but in the end we decided to go ahead and find out.

While most everyone in the family had a strong opinion on what baby was going to be, I was split down the middle.  I had slight reasons to think girl based on the pregnancy itself, but boy usually dominates my thinking since that’s what we have the most of.  Either way it didn’t matter, we truly want what God has for our family, but everyone enjoys putting their two cents in anyway.

So, we decided to make it a family event.  We had a family meal planned tonight anyway, it seemed fitting to turn it into a gender reveal.  David and I choose not to find out today during the appointment, we were just thankful that everything appears on track and baby looks healthy.  Instead, we wrapped up the picture revealing the gender and delivered it to my aunt who finished off the cupcakes I had baked earlier.  We were all able to find out together as a family what we we’re expecting in October!

The results…..



I’m so happy that all of our boys will grow up with brothers and now equally excited that our little B4 will have a sister of her very own!

So now we start choosing a name, but continuing with tradition, we won’t be sharing that info until baby girl is here!

2 thoughts on “20 weeks update

  1. I know you would have been excited either way, but I am glad that you will have another girl in the mix. Especially for B4!!! Congratulations!!!

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