Happy 6th Birthday B3

It seems like just a few weeks ago when we celebrated your birthday last.  How could you already be six years old?  I watched you put away at least five pancakes this morning.  I think you may be the biggest eater so far and you are still super skinny.  It must be that energy that you wake up with every morning.  It is so exciting to see your eagerness to learn in school.  Sitting down and listening to you read during school is a highlight for me.  You have about a million facial expressions that bring a smile to our face.



I can remember when you were so scared of the cow.  Now you were looking for him.  No one better ever start eating before you’ve said the blessing before we eat.  We love seeing you play with B4 and B5, they look up to you, and you have been a great big brother!



We never know what questions or funny sayings you are going to come up with.  You always keep us on our toes.  Your love for Bible stories and God is a real blessing to us.  We pray you continue to grow in the Lord!  You are very special to us and look forward to another year of watching you learn, teach, lead and grow.  We love you, happy birthday!

B1 made this great video for B3’s Birthday.  We hope you enjoy it.  If anyone is interested in a video he wants to offer up his services.  E-mail Casey or myself, his rates are very reasonable 🙂

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