Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Dear B4,

Today you turned 4 years old!


I don’t know where the time has gone, in my mind you’re not a year over two.  You’re such a ray of sunshine in this family.  You can make a song about anything, make up a dance to any kind of music, and love with great intensity.  You’re such a big helper and immensely excited about the chance to help with the baby soon. This year you got a big girl room that you’ll share with your little sister, I pray that many good memories are made in that room! You’re beautiful and your daddy tells you that everyday.  You’re beauty runs deeper than hair and eyes though, God has placed a personality there like no other.

We love you sweet girl, and pray that you always find the beauty in life.  We pray that you let God use you in the ways He has planned and can’t wait to see the way He shapes you as you continue to grow.

Happy Birthday!

Mom and Dad



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