Happy 2nd Birthday B5, a couple of days late


B5 turned two on Sunday!  I didn’t actually forget to do a birthday post, it’s just that we got kinda busy.  But that’s for another post, this one is all about the birthday boy.

This little guy is one in a million.  He’s recently moved to a big boy bed in a room with all of his brothers.  He talks all of the time and can say pretty much anything he wants.  He’s definitely found a playmate in his older sister, but loves to follow his brothers around outside and be a part of whatever they are doing.  He calls green beans “bing bongs” and I have no idea why, but it’s cute.  He loved his recent trip to the beach and asks every time we get into the car if we’re “going to the beach”.  He picked out this little pumpkin just the other day when we took a trip to the pumpkin patch.

We can’t wait to see this ocean loving boy grow.  No doubt the 2’s will be an exciting year for him as he continues to explore and learn about everything around him.

We love you B5, and pray that this year is a wonderful one for you!

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