Today David and I have been married 13 years.


(three weeks ago, B6 was born the same day, about 12 hours later)


(today with a slightly disgruntled newborn)

So we didn’t exchange gifts today and not a card was bought or given.  But the thing is, I’m okay with that.  There’s nothing that we need and really, I’m just not one to appreciate a bought card that much.  We talked here and there today when we could grab a moment, reminiscing about the past 13 years, we laughed, and even managed a semi-private supper together while the kids watched a movie in the next room.  Over the years our anniversaries have ranged from fancy dinners to overnight trips to just a few hours out for the evening.  But tonight as all of our kids gathered around our wedding album, arms and legs a plenty hanging off of our bed, with our littlest one sleeping soundly in the middle of it all; I realized that I’d rather celebrate these 13 years no other way.

Thank you David for 13 years of memories, love, and adventures.  I’m looking forward to what the future holds, what God has in the works, and where we’ll be in the next 13 years.  And wherever it is, it will be perfect as long as we’re there together.

2 thoughts on “13

  1. Congrats! ( a little bit late!) We have our #13 coming soon, and I can’t wait!
    Isn’t it great how the Lord continues to bless. I am with you on how you have spent your past anniversaries (even the missed cards:)). We are so happy when we are together, and of course that involves our precious children as well. There have been some alone ones, but there have been plenty of together ones too.
    So glad you guys are doing well!

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