Because I Need To Remember

2013 came and went without much activity in this little space of ours.  I wondered if I would really miss blogging and in some senses I did.

Mostly I just want to remember.

I want  to remember this little one that I hold in my lap as I type one-handed, another season but one I’ve known six times now.  This time with a new, unique, fearfully made little one, just like every other time, but totally different.  That’s the cycle of raising different ages; doing the same things over and over again but with different little people each time.


This one, number 6 in the lineup, she’s quite the snuggler.  I need to remember years from now how she likes to fall sleep with me holding her hand and how she sleeps the best snuggled in as close to me as possible.   She doesn’t really care for her pacifier and only wants it as she’s falling asleep, and sometimes not even then.

She can go from a solemn face to a full out smile in a matter of seconds.  She has multiple dimples and the doctor says she’s in the 95th percentile for growth.  She’s growing alright, just like they all are.  These days of typing one-handed will soon be replaced by days of trying to keep her in her toddler bed at nap time, and then by hearing her sing to herself instead of sleeping.

I need to remember these six very individual people who’ve been loaned to us to teach, guide, and love.  And those things, the teaching, guiding and most importantly the loving are the jobs that I treasure the most.

The blogging though, I do this because I need to remember.


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