Looking Back and Looking Ahead

This is probably the first time I’ve posted in six months and as I sit here looking at a blank screen the task is pretty daunting.  Casey and I have challenged each other to post every week this year and who knows if we will be able to follow through with that.  We do have a lot we want to share, but sometimes it seems like a huge task getting those thoughts out.  I see the importance in some sort of reflection or journaling however you want to reflect so we are going to give it a shot to get back into posting.

A lot went on in 2013 to break that down even more a lot has happened in the past six months.  I could probably right a book on all the events.  In fact, I joked with Casey and already had a titled planned for it.  I’m sure I’ll share that later.  We took a spur of the moment trip to the Outer Banks the week of New Years and had a little time to reflect on 2013.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the here and now and forget what all has happened in the past year.  It was interesting to hear what the kids remembered most about this past year.  It opens a little window into what they find important and what was memorable to them.  It wasn’t the unexpected bill, the inconvenient house repair or the { insert pulling hair moment here }.  The most memorable thing for them was the time spent together, the one on one time, the IMPORTANT things.

As we look back and give God the glory for another year, we look ahead with the excitement for what God has for our family in 2014.

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