Quiet Times


I currently have three nappers.  Two scheduled nappers and one that naps on the fly whenever the urge hits, but that’s okay, she’s not even three months old yet.  This of course means I have three non-nappers.  It’s been a challenge to preserve a quiet time in our home.  My non-nappers sometimes like to use quiet time to have me look up things on the Internet for them, sometimes they want me to do a project with them, and other times they just want to hang around wherever I am (this mainly means following me around asking favors and questions like “what’s for supper”).  There have been times when I have felt a little guilty for asking them to “please go find something quiet to do”.  Of course I’m always acessable if someone really needs my attention (ie. when a child drips blood from the clubhouse all the way up the stairs and into the house because they cut their finger with a pocketknife), but thankfully that is a rare occurence.  I’ve always known that a real quiet time during the day made the day better, but the more I read on being an introvert the more I realize why it’s a time I hold so tightly to.

When people think about introverts that mostly think about people who are quiet and uncomfortable around people.  For that reason, even though I’ve always thought I was an introvert I never bothered trying to find out what that really meant until recently.  Because really, no one wants to be that person, right?  I mean I’m not that uncomfortable around people.  Turns out an introvert is defined by much more than that.  Most of them even really like people, I promise.

But back to quiet time.  Introverts need periods to recharge during the day, (ie. quiet times).  So I will no longer feel guilty for asking my children to please observe quiet time, I will continue to fight for those quiet moments in the day.

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