“Just a Trim Please”

I have a hair appointment on Wednesday and I’ve be pinning, to my heart’s desire, hairstyles on Pinterest.  I’m actually in quite a hair rut and I desperately need something different.  My normal routine would consist of making a hair appointment and ending up getting “just a trim” for lack of any other hair inspiration, and really, how boring is “just a trim” anyway?  Especially when hair appointments come once about every four months or so.

Anyway, I had found a few hairstyles that were completely different, something I could never remember having previously.  I’ve been pondering the styles for a few days now trying to decide what I really wanted to do.  I even enlisted the expertise of my teenage niece.  She actually confirmed that maybe I could pull off a slightly funky new cut.  Actually she just confirmed that she didn’t think I was too old to go a little funky.  I was feeling pretty confident about the whole thing until I asked my 11-year-old his opinion of the haircut.  I even tried to sway him with a picture.  That’s when he promptly replied,

“I saw a lady with that haircut one time, she was wearing a dog collar with spikes on it”.



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