Well it’s the last year before we officially hit the teen years and I’m feeling pretty thoughtful about the whole thing.  I remember this age myself.  Feeling like you need people to stop looking at you as a child, but you’re not quite a teenager.


You’re a hard worker, you like physical work and I love that about you.  You’re currently working on a log cabin in our back yard.  You use tools that sometimes make me cringe, and you can accomplish much in a short amount of time.  You’re a great student even though you might take a little enjoyment in giving me a hard time occasionally.  You’re realistic about life and your not often caught with your head in the clouds.  My prayer for you this year son is that you continue to pray about your future.  Take time to let the Lord speak and really, really listen.  Make decisions this year about things you’ll encounter in the future so that you’re never caught making hurried decisions as you get older.  You’re embarking on an amazing journey into adulthood and we’re all excited to see where the Lord will take you.  Stay close to His side no matter what.  We love you!

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