Which Song?

Ever since B5 was born I’ve had a special song for her.  I think it started one day a few weeks after she was born.  She was laying on the bed and I sang to her and she started smiling.  I was hooked.  I would sing the song and she would smile.  I use the word song loosely.  It is really only a line of an Aaron Neville song, which of course I sing in his voice.

Fast forward a few years and she rolls her eyes when I sing it to her now.  She enjoys singing to us and we sing together all the time.  After watching a princess movie the other night thoughts turned to frilly dresses and dancing princesses.

That night before bed I asked her what song she wanted me to sing at her wedding.  I was asking as a joke, but her answer couldn’t been more real.  With a straight face she answered:

A Silent One.

Everyone was on the bed after devotionals and a huge burst of laughter cleared the air.  I love that girl!

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