An Acrostic For A Birthday



For your fair skin, freckles, and the fairy tales that you imagine

Intelligent, you started school this year and you’re doing a great job; Integral, we can’t imagine life without you; Inventive, you’re quite the thinker

Vivacious, you are truly full of life; your voice wether singing or speaking it’s just so dang cute; versatile, we’ll just say you can give the boys a run for their money, or you can be the frilliest girl around

Eclectic is your style, we’re always excited to see what you put together; efficient, it’s a trait dear to my heart, you can make things happen; enjoyable, we love spending time with you; easily excited, oh yes, you can get excited.



Happy Birthday to my sweet 5 year old.  We love you to the moon and back and all around the stars!

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