Today you celebrate eight years!  Let’s talk about a few of your favorite things.

Legos – By far your favorite thing to play with, really it always has been.  You never get tired of them and can create any world that you like with them.  Your imagination is expansive and this is the perfect toy for it.

Food – You love to eat, almost anything.  Some of your favorites would be breakfast (sausage, eggs, biscuits), fruit, salmon, anything Mexican…okay most all foods are your favorite.

Water – You can literally play in water all day long.  You love to jump over ocean waves, you love to swim in the pool, and you always end up in the creek.

Music/Dancing – This doesn’t need explanation, if you hear music, you dance, it’s awesome.

You manage to amaze me everyday with something.  You’re either saying or doing something that it hilarious, you always know how to make people smile.  You’re such a peacemaker, and so very compassionate, I pray that you are always this way.  You couldn’t fit more perfectly into this family and we are so blessed to  have you with us.  We love you and pray that the Lord will continue to lead you and use you for His glory, and that you will always follow Him!

nolan8-2-2 nolan8-3

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